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The Stranger

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  1. The Stranger season 1 concludes with a tidy wrap-up. For the initial eight episodes, Paul Kaye arguably delivers the most chaotic performance, as his character John Katz attempts to protect his sick daughter while covering his tracks to protect financial interests, only to learn that his ex-wife had been poisoning his daughter all along — the result of a mental health disorder known as.
  2. 1 season • TV-MA • Thriller, Intense. A rideshare driver is thrown into her worst nightmare when a mysterious passenger enters her car. Her terrifying, heart-stopping ride with the stranger unfolds over 12 hours as she navigates LA in a chilling game of cat and mouse.
  3. The Stranger is Albert Camus’s first novel, published in It follows the life of Meursault, a French Algerian whose apathetic responses to life get him in trouble socially and eventually get him killed. The novel is concerned with the absurd and touches on the French colonization of Algeria.
  4. Jan 31,  · The Stranger. Netflix. If there’s one genre Netflix always recommends to me at every turn, it’s “UK crime dramas,” probably given that I’ve binged too many to count at this point Author: Paul Tassi.
  5. Feb 28,  · The Stranger demanded of Camus the creation of a style at once literary and profoundly popular, an artistic sleight of hand that would make the complexities of a man's life appear simple. Despite appearances, though, neither Camus nor Meursault ever tried to make things simple for themselves. Indeed, in the mind of a moralist.
  6. Adam Price is a happily married father of two whose life is turned upside-down after a stranger tells him a secret about his wife. The revelation catapults him into a world of danger%.
  7. Feb 07,  · Once you make peace with the fact that there are about too many characters and interwoven plot lines, Netflix's The Stranger makes for a pretty entertaining watch. The .
  8. The Stranger will also not be a man, like in the novel. She will now be played by Ready Player One 's Hannah John-Kamen. New characters were also added to .

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