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Opaque Divinity - Solitude Aeturnus - Demo 1989 (Cassette)

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  1. This LP has been released through the Label DOOM PLANET (catalogue Number DPR2) in and is the re release of "justice For All" demo tape (originaly released by the band in , not as Solitude Aeturnus but as Solitude) plus "opaque Divinity Demo track from "" demo with Lowe On vocals.
  2. Solitude Aeturnus. 12 tuh meeldimist. OFFICIAL PAGE Current Lineup: John Perez - guitars Steve Moseley - guitars Robert Lowe - Vocals Steve Nichols - Drums James Martin - Bass.
  3. Formed in the spring of , Solitude Aeturnus are still pu the band entered the studio in Jan to record their legendary 5 song demo entitled "Justice For All". It should be noted that this title and demo preceded the Metallica album of the same name by some 7 months! "Mirror of Sorrow" and "Opaque Divinity". Lyle would shortly.
  4. Opaque Divinity. Solitude Aeturnus Popular Solitude Aeturnus albums Alone. Adagio. Downfall. Through the Darkest Hour. Beyond the Crimson Horizon.
  5. Feb 11,  · Band: Solitude Aeturnus Tracklist: Side A 1. Dawn Of Antiquity (A Return To Despair) 2. Opaque Divinity 3. Transcending Sentinels 4. Dream Of .
  6. Solitude Aeturnus. Adagio Solitude Aeturnus. Vinyl: $ Downfall Solitude Aeturnus. In Times of Solitude SOLITUDE AETURNUS. CD Opaque Divinity. on Into the Depths of Sorrow. Opaque Divinity on Into the Depths of Sorrow. Listen Now $ .
  7. Solitude Aeturnus - Discography ( - ) Country: USA Genre: Epic Doom Metal Quality: Mp3, CBR kbps - Justice For All (Demo) - Into The Depths Of Sorrow - Beyond The.
  8. Solitude Aeturnus were a doom metal band originated from Arlington, Texas. With their doomy rhythm and wide-ranged vocals of one Robert Lowe, they are best known as a key band in the formation of the "Epic Doom Metal" genre alongside Sweden's Candlemass (A band that could be seen as kindred spirits to them).. In their career from their formation as Solitude in , Solitude Aeturnus released.

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